Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Time to prohibit the wearing of burkas in public!!!

"Elle va demander, dans une proposition de résolution, que le port du voile intégral soit «prohibé sur le territoire de la République»." ("The report will ask that a resolution be tabled so that the wearing of the burka be prohibited in whole territory of the Republic.")

The Parliamentary Commission that has been tasked with the submission of a report on the legality of imposing a complete ban on the wearing of the burka will be submitting its findings tomorrow:

In an interview with Le Figaro, André Gerin, (Communist Party) Vice Mayor of Vénissieux de Vénissieux who chaired the Parliamentary Commission, said:

"En six mois, j'ai découvert que le problème est encore plus grave que je ne pensais. Dans certaines entreprises du CAC 40 se constituent des syndicats religieux ou communautaristes qui remettent en cause la mixité au travail, ou la tenue vestimentaire des femmes. Dans certains établissements scolaires, 50 % des jeunes filles mineures sont exonérées de gymnastique ou de piscine, et des gamins contestent les cours d'histoire ou de sciences naturelles. Les enseignants nous supplient de les aider. En milieu hospitalier, des médecins hommes sont menacés individuellement par des gourous qui accompagnent des femmes voilées et qui exigent que leurs médecins soient des femmes. Une chose est sûre : dans les lieux ouverts au public, ce sera comme une lame de couteau. L'interdiction du voile intégral sera absolue."
(Translation mine) "In six months, I discovered that the problem is even more serious than what I had thought. In some CAC 40 companies, religious labor unions or communitarists have banded together and put in question the validity of having men and women work together or the dress code of women. In some schools, 50% of young women are exempted from gym classes or swimming, pupils contest their lessons in history or natural sciences. Teachers have begged us to help them. In hospitals, male doctors are threatened individually by gurus who accompany veilled women and demand that female doctors attend to them [veilled women]. One thing is sure: In public places, it will be like the blade of a knife. The interdiction of the wearing of the burka shall be absolute."

Frankly, if I had my way, I would go even further... Why ban the wearing of the burka only in public places? In France, supermarkets and commercial establishments are not legally considered "public places" -- I believe the wearing of burkas should also be prohibited in supermarkets, movie houses malls and in private commercial establishments, e.g., hotels, restaurants, etc. frequented by or open to the public.

In some districts of Brussels, the wearing of the burka is already illegal. And I'm all for it!

I don't see any reason why an entire nation should be held hostage by the dictates of a minority group that predicates their philosphy on a religious dress code for women, or on a concept that's alien to me and my fellow French! If they insist on this archaic practice, they should go back to where they came from where, I'm sure, they'll be happier because they are among their own.

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