Sunday, 7 December 2008

France overtakes British economy

Britain on the brink of recession? I think the UK is already in recession. The days of wild spending are over. Who would think that the free-wheeling and dealing Brits who had it good for the last decade are on the verge of falling behind the poorer Italians?
Thirty years ago, France was also host to thousands and thousands of jobless Brits when Britain was at its wits' ends trying to make ends meet, and I'm afraid that today's younger Brits -- even those who are anti-Europe or are Euro haters but who now find themselves in dire economic situation, will start trooping back here looking for jobs. I wouldn't be surprised to learn that they might soon compete for jobs that were usually reserved for the Poles and the Latvians or other Eastern Europeans.
Frankly, that's fine by me on the condition that they learn to speak French! I've met many Brits who have lived years and years in France but do not even try to learn or to speak French. They continue to live in a world of their own, among themselves, refusing to integrate. Most of them have expatriated to France but don't necessarily like the French. They simply want to avail of the French quality of life and the nation's first class health care system, things that are not readily available to them in cold, wet, dreary UK. Quite appalling behaviour actually!

According to The Times' in-country French basher Charles Bremner, many Brits who have come to France thinking that they would live la belle vie with their British pensions in Sterling are flying back home because the British currency has dwindled in value compared to the hated Euro.

Speaking of Bremner, I doubt however that he would be one of them. His bread and butter is in France. He lives la belle vie and gets to criticise France and the French and gets paid for doing it. So, why should he? Why would he want to live a potentially impoverished life in London?

Here's a report by The Daily Telegraph...
Britain's economy overtaken by France, new figures show: the fall reflected the pound's slump to record lows against the euro.
The UK is now the sixth largest economy in the world Photo: GETTY

New figures show that the economic crisis has pushed Britain well down the international league table.

The UK is now the sixth largest economy in the world, behind America, Japan, China, Germany and France.

Economists said the fall reflected the pound's slump to record lows against the euro.

A year ago the UK economy was 8 per cent bigger than that of France, measured by gross domestic product (GDP).

Now it is 14 per cent smaller, according to figures from the Centre for Economics and Business Research (CEBR). More here.


Vigilante said...

Off Topic!

Hills, if you're not doing this already, let me try to sell you on the Volvo Ocean Racing Game (VORG) - Blue Water Yacht Racing for Blue Collar Skippers!

Europeans have a natural advantage in this game, because game site communicates at GMT +1.

France Blog said...

Thank you Vigilante.

Will tell hillblogger (sr) about it.

XRhodian said...

Merci - je suis anglo-Canadien de Quebec, parle francais mieux que je le ecrire - et un francophile fanatique, en plus, qui a de la chance de habiter en france plusieres mois de l'annee.... Je trouve ca tres "chouette" de avoir decouvert votre blog - c'est tellement agreable (enfin...) a lire quelque chose de positive e vrai sur la france, plustot que les myths negatives et farfelu qui dominent autant de notre presse et culture anglophone - en particulier les Etats-Unis..
Bravo encore - et merci !